A crook in the path appears

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He that rides to be crowned, will not think much of a rainy day. –John Trapp

March 13

Foreign floating object found by ultrasound — 16 cm complex ovarian cyst

Endometrial biopsy (ouch) = negative (this means there is no uterine cancer)
CA 125 blood test = 49 (this result means pretty much nothing)

Surgery to remove all affected organs will happen soon.

April 11

Grimmy, be brave — Eric reminds me. Tomorrow they remove the bulbous bouffant and various sundry organs.


April 12

4 hours post-op complete hysterectomy. Why do I feel so cheerful and creative?


April 14

Grammy time recovery



April 17

I don’t want you to worry or be anxious, but the doctor called this morning and he said I have ovarian cancer. There was cancer in both ovaries, uterus, and in the abdominal wash.

Next step is an appointment May 10 with a gynecological oncologist in Peoria, Illinois. I’ll be compiling a list of nutritional supplements which will be helpful to my healing. We ask the Lord for wisdom and healing.